Volcanic Shades
Through an abstract geometric language where cubes and cylinders playfully alternate, these stools represent the millenary connections existing inside the Earth; they are a visual metaphor for volcanoes, where craters open fault lines into the Earth’s core, exposing the brightly colored molten lava inside. Made of blocks of a variant of lava stone, and insertions carved out of various minerals, they feature materials which originated in a far distant geological era, embodying a timespan which the human mind can hardly understand.
While the base is made of a material which is an actual product of volcanic activity, the variants of the remaining stones – Red travertine marble, blue calcite, and pineapple onyx– refer to the different stages lava transitions into, from hot crimson fluid, to cold blue rock at the bottom of volcanic lakes.
Designed and handmade in Mexico, Volcanic Shades furthermore, the stools double as a tribute to the Mexican territory and its volcanic belt region, home to active and dormant entities and several lakes of a shared origin.
Volcanic Shades I
Volcanic Shades II
Volcanic Shades III
Volcanic Shades IV
Volcanic Shades V