Sprawling Galaxies

Galaxies are systems where stars, dust, and dark matter are gravitationally bound. Usually classified by their visual appearance, these systems are conformed by cosmic bodies of distinctly vivid colors, which create a scenic landscape with the most varied hues and patterns. This circular installation creates a fictional, sprawling galaxy in which its spheric-carved semi-precious stones (labradorite, pyrite, kabamba jasper, black opal, rhodolite, dendritic white agate, obsidian, selenite, and different sorts of quartz) and petrified wood are arranged in two concentric hoops. Given that the darkest spheres are placed in the inner ring, it proposes an impossible yet alluring stellar configuration.

Semi-precious stones, brass

Selenite, clear quartz, labradorite, black opal, pyrite, rose quartz, petrified wood, white agate with dendrite, kabamba jasper, hematoid, yellow hematoid, brass.
Ø 39.3 in
39.2 lb