Solar Eclipse

Brass and obsidian create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow in this piece in which the former material represents the Sun and, the latter, the Moon. While, as a satellite, this heavenly body can reflect natural light –as in those moments when it remains visible in the celestial panorama during the day– it also absorbs artificial light, generating a singular block in the composition when observed in the dark. As a result, this piece evokes both potential states.  The contraposition of the materials is highlighted by LED lights that, once turned on, offer a unique view of the piece, and its impossibility of a complete darkening reminds us that solar eclipses can only be seen from specific parts of the Earth at a time. 

Collaboration with FOAM
Obsidian, brass, LED
Ø 80 - 100 cm*
Ø 31.5 - 39.3 in*
*Measures can vary due to the obsidian slab