Reflective Duality

In a sense, autumn is the dusk of the year, when the sun falls and with it the temperature that announces the darkness to come. Trapped between two complete moments, day and night, dusk figures as a symbolic transition that provides nature with unique moments in which flora and fauna find themselves belonging to two simultaneous states of being. This mirror represents that moment of duality – one obsidian slate, one copper, and so forth, in a way that none holds primacy over the other.

The disposition of lines follows a randomized order, inspired upon that time of day in which many animals also transition from habits and environments; although with every turn of the sun some patterns are repeated, they are also distinct, every cycle closing a world of experiences in which a skin or a place is left behind so as to re-acquire others. Some animals stop being providers and become carers, nocturnal creatures suddenly meet those used to living in the daytime, and life goes on.

Obsidian, cooper
80 x 150 x 3 cm
31.5 x 59 x 1.1 in