Volcanic Shades of Marble
While, in principle, marble bears not a volcanic origin, the veiny, fine-grained Yule marble employed for this variation of Sten Studio’s distinctive stools is quarried from the profound interior of the Elk Mountains of Western Colorado. Due to this highly peculiar source –the very entrails of a mountain range– this kind of marble has accrued its current shape, from prehistoric times onward, by contact metamorphism. That is, the rock mineral is changed, as its texture, by the heat provoked due to contact with magma. The outcome is a distinctive tinged appearance that contrasts with the unmasked porosity of the grey lava stone.
Driven by the perfection of geometry, the stools follow a positive/negative assemblage: The marble is elevated at the center of the base and, by way of gravity, slides into the natural colored stone, fitting into it as a piece from a puzzle. The harmony between their shapes binds them and creates a unit that will defy the passing of time.
Volcanic Shades of Marble I
Volcanic Shades of Marble II
Volcanic Shades of Marble III
Volcanic Shades of Marble IV
Volcanic Shades of Marble V