Abyssal Astronomy
The history of our planet cannot be disconnected from that of the cosmos; therefore, the mineral world and outer space share a strong bond. Throughout history, different civilizations have represented this connection through symbolisms, primarily religious ones. Central American cultures, for instance, synced their artistic and architectural creations with celestial movements and their influence on everyday life, often representing natural phenomena and deriving their cultures and knowledge from the behaviors of the skies they observed.
Similarly, the Abyssal Astronomy collection features representations of natural phenomena such as orbits and eclipses and it is manufactured using techniques that belong to the far-gone peoples that inhabited the lands where this collection was designed and produced, keeping alive their cultural and handcrafting heritage.
An additional tie to the local heritage and cosmological connection is added by another characteristic of the obsidian stone. Laying at the bottom of the sea before the formation of mountains where it is found today, because of its origin obsidian best represents the distance between the Universe and the Earth, and it perfectly symbolizes the tie between them.
Partial Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse