Celestial bodies maintain particular orbits thanks to the gravity they exert among them, and this piece refers precisely to the systems that result from the relationships between planets, satellites, and stars. One of the most common cultural associations regarding minerals is that of hardness and permanence, the immobility of stone or the resistance of metal. The idea of the orbit gives back their mobility and fluidity to the composition‘s materials, connecting them to the planets‘ trajectories – in other words, it reconnects the heaviness of stone and metal with the movement to which they are subjected in a much larger scale than that of human life. That is how this piece, fixed „by nature“, comes rather to suggest a mobile essence.

Collaboration with FOAM
Obsidian, sodalite and brass
41.9 x 119.8 x 100 cm; sodalite: 47.2 x Ø 39.8 cm*
16.5 x 47.2 x 39.4 in: sodalite: 18.9 x Ø 15.7 in*
*Measures can vary due to the obsidian slab