Cosmic Relics
In a realm where observing the universe unites us as a global society, "Cosmic Relics" engages with the mysteries of space and the cultural legacy of totemism. Totems symbolize connections with the paranormal; they are often seen as spirit guardians or ancestors, and they signify a sense of belonging within a group. Numerous cultures attribute divine meanings to specific cosmic phenomena and supernatural events, viewing planetary alignments as profound, transformative moments. This is what inspires the "Cosmic Relics" totem collection. Each towering piece symbolizes the unity and collective identity of our societies, and reminds us of the value of nurturing our communal spirit.
The variety of stones used in each work mirrors the vast mineral variety within the universe, and it references the diversity of societies present on our planet. When they align and find their balance, they generate a new, expansive human yet supernatural energy.
Cosmic Relics I
Cosmic Relics II
Cosmic Relics III